Welcome to the arcade

Arcade Devils are a collection of 6666 hand drawn - algorithmically assembled NFTs living on the Cardano Blockchain. Your Arcade Devil grants entrance to Members-Only Arcade.

Mint a devil

Coming Soon

Minting date & info will be posted in our Discord. Exclusive minting benefits given to Discord members & Twitter followers!

Select community members and competition winners will be given whitelist tokens which will represent free/ discounted/ early minting access depending on rarity.

NFT Info

Each devil is uniquely generated art from hundreds of hand drawn layers - no 2 devils are the same. The collection is visually inspired by 90’s skateboard fashion, Arcade culture, and lofi VHS aesthetics.



  • 6666 Unique NFTs, hand drawn - banger pfps
  • Fair launch using a combination of white list, giveaways, and public sale
  • Access to the community arcade and other members only benefits
  • Utility Tokens
    • ––White list for early minting
    • ––Discount/ free minting for more rare tokens
  • Future merch drops
  • Community access


The Arcade will host simple + engaging games with top winners earning prizes such as blue chip CNFTs, Cardano Meme Coins/ Native Assets.

Games will be opened during tournaments & mostly closed otherwise.

Current holdings in the community vault include Spacebudz, Clay Nation, Clay Nation x Good Charlotte, Zombie Chains, GOAT Tribe, BrightPalz, Yummi Universe, and more!